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2021-12-16 07:20:33 By : Mr. ali liu

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The Oxford Venture Windproof vest is a high-end version of Endeavour, which also left a deep impression on me. In addition to windshield, its laminated fabric can also withstand continuous showers well. Despite all its charm, it can fit in a bag, but you can’t easily fit it into a jersey pocket.

It is made using Oxford University's three-layer "Warmdry" technology: the outer laminate layer is designed to block cold wind and promote water droplets to rise and roll off, and the bottom and middle layers are designed to keep some warmth while discharging unwanted heat.

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There is a high-visibility fluorine yellow version and the "Night Bright" black in the test. Both have two large reflectors, one on the chest and one on the back of the three-pocket patio.

Oxford describes the panels as "subtle" and they are of course daytime. However, at night, when under vehicle headlights or even under streetlights (to a lesser extent), they will become bright silvery white.

Oxford has upgraded the performance dial to a notch through the Advanced Rider series, and Venture is impressed by its ability to manage elements. Just as the weather forecaster predicted the arrival of the ice age, I was looking for thorny winter tires in the garage rafters...

The early morning explosion confirmed the cold resistance of the laminated outerwear-I could feel the wind rustling and see the damp beads while remaining completely comfortable. The slightly raised fleece lining collar also played a role, although I would use a neck heater to add some extra warmth when the temperature is below zero.

At an average of 19 miles per hour in the temperature range of 1 to 10°C, I always feel comfortable, warm and dry, with minimal "fogging" before Venture starts to wick away perspiration (wearing on mid-range base shirts and sweatshirts) The temperature scale ends.

Oxford's size chart is very accurate and the medium size suits me well. Rather than simply becoming an Endeavor with pockets, the "dynamic tailoring" here means more concise tailoring than its cheaper siblings. Squat on a low place and tear when descending, without any signs of shaking, gathering or gathering. The silicone gripper on the rear prevents it from rising.

It is great for training and generally fast-paced riding, but may limit stratification in very cold weather. Having said that, I found that using a thinner winter sweatshirt can also hide a lightweight waterproof jacket underneath without hindering exercise-and ensuring that the arms are dry.

I wore it on a heavier fleece-lined sweatshirt and long-sleeved bottoming shirt without any problems. When the temperature was close to zero, the Btwin 300 sweatshirt and jacket almost escaped, thanks to the endowment of the Venture fabric.

In addition to being reflective, the three-pocket terrace at the rear can also easily swallow large smartphones, 600ml bottles, bananas, spare tubes and house keys without problems or annoying bouncing. It is essential that everything remains easily accessible.

There is also a large chest pocket on the front. My long-zoom compact "travel" camera fits nicely in it, although if I groan slightly, the zipper tag might be longer and easier to work in winter, with plenty of weight. Full-finger gloves, the same goes for the gloves on the main zipper.

This complete zipper is easy to wear, not to mention the temperature adjustment when the situation fluctuates, which often happens in early season riding.

So far, it has maintained very well, with no loose threads. Full-length fenders are a great help, but dark colors also help hide dirty patina, and this one is no exception. Washing is just putting it in the machine at 30 degrees with the least amount of detergent, even though I accidentally did it 40 times without any problems.

£49.99, which is cheaper than many, but still a bit more than others.

I tested the Proviz Reflect360 Plus vest in 2017 and it is now £69.99, but the non-Plus option is £54.99, with waterproof and windproof fabric, hip pockets, perforated back and of course incredible retroreflective technology. 

Altura's Nightvision Storm Thermal vest is comfortable and comfortable, with good weather resistance, but Stef was not impressed with the Nightvision print-it was 60 pounds.

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A cheaper option is BTwin’s Visibility PPE certified sleeveless reversible vest 560, priced at £39.99. This is a double-sided model that is particularly convenient in cold weather and you want layering, thanks to a little looser The fit.

Also from Decathlon, Van Rysel’s £24.99 Hi-Viz cycling jacket (reader, it’s a vest) is another very competitive option, if your budget is tight, although it lacks the sophistication of Oxford Venture.

At the other extreme, dhb's Aeron Alpha vest uses Polartec fleece fabric, but the price of £100 is more than twice the price of Venture.

All in all, Oxford Venture has left a deep impression on me. Its tailoring and weatherproofing are very conducive to longer and faster riding, and although its retroreflective technology is not completely comparable to Proviz, it is still very eye-catching. The only minor drawback is that it is not as compact as some things.

Very good vest, suitable for fast-paced riding, but a bit bulky for the jersey pocket

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Brand and model: Oxford Venture windproof vest

Tell us the purpose of the product

Oxford said: "Our Advanced Rider series offers better versatility and protection in the widest range of conditions. This means that we can work harder, farther, and longer in humid, cold and hot environments. Time to ride a bicycle.

Oxford Venture is a windproof vest. The Venture Vest is the perfect companion for all seasons riding, whether commuting in the dark months or riding in the early morning of summer. Once the temperature rises, it can be easily packed and stored in the jersey pocket. The slightly raised collar provides additional protection from the cold and wind. Comfort and performance are taken into consideration when designing. It has a dynamic fit and can provide a close-fitting elastic panel that will move when you move.

Venture has a subtle reflective panel that is stylish during the day and visible at night. It adopts Warmdry™ technology to provide a three-layer windproof structure while making the vest highly breathable. "

Tell us more about the technical aspects of the product?

* Available in black and fluorescent colors. Hi-vis yellow stands out in your environment

It feels sturdy and well made.

Outstanding performance across the board. Laminated fabrics are more difficult to fold compactly than some fabrics for storage in sweatshirt pockets.

Sturdy materials, high-quality zippers, no signs of wear or other deterioration, after a few weeks.

A close-fitting, windproof fit, but suitable for layering.

Heavier than some, but I only noticed its most positive qualities on bikes.

The fabric is excellent at resisting cold and showers, while still wicking sweat with amazing efficiency.

Given the specifications, the price is competitive. For those on a tight budget, there are cheaper and more powerful models, but you can also pay more.

Is product maintenance easy? How did you react after being washed?

Very simple, just put a small amount of detergent/soap flakes in the washing machine, but do not exceed 30 degrees, and let it dry naturally.

Tell us how the product performs as a whole when used for its design purpose

Oxford has upgraded the performance dials of the Advanced Rider series to a notch. Venture is impressed with its ability to manage elements and provides an impressive road presence and carrying capacity. This fabric can withstand the cold wind well, and still can withstand showers well. The pockets are beautifully designed and generous. As for the retroreflection, these may not be comparable to the Proviz 360 design, but they are not far behind. There is also a fluorescent version, which has obvious advantages in very dark and foggy conditions.

Tell us which aspects of this product you particularly like

Fitted tailoring, excellent reflective paneling and suitable pockets.

Tell us what aspects of the product you particularly dislike

I don't like it very much, but the zipper tag may be larger, and the fabric is not folded as tightly as some.

How does the price compare to similar products on the market (including those tested recently on

£49.99, which is cheaper than many, but still a bit more than others. I tested the Proviz Reflect360 Plus vest in 2017 and it is now £69.99, while the non-Plus option is £54.99. Altura's Nightvision Storm Thermal vest costs £60. A cheaper option is BTwin's Visibility PPE certified sleeveless reversible vest 560, priced at 39.99 pounds, while Van Rysel's Hi-Viz cycling jacket is priced at 24.99 pounds. At the other extreme, dhb's Aeron Alpha vest uses Polartec fleece fabric, but the price of £100 is more than twice the price of Venture.

Do you like to use this product? Yes

Would you consider buying this product? really

Would you recommend the product to a friend? Yes

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The impressive vest provides the perfect combination of comfort and practicality at a favorable price.

Age: 48 Height: 1m 81cm Weight: 70kg

I usually ride: Rough Stuff Tourer based on 4130 Univega mtb frame set. My best bike is: 1955 Holdsworth Road Path and several others, including cross and traditional roads

I have been cycling: I have been cycling for more than 20 years: most of the time I classify myself as: experienced

I often do the following types of cycling: off-road, commuting, touring, fixed/single speed, mountain biking,

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A high-quality "system" that can cope with any temperature in winter can be thrown to you, and it also has a certain degree of water resistance

Comfortable fleece lining and windproof/waterproof outerwear are very suitable for spring and summer and are very easy to carry

Good weather resistance and comfortable, soft lining, but the back pocket is designed with exquisite design, not as reflective as competitors

A well-made vest that doesn’t cost much

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