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2021-12-16 07:20:00 By : Ms. Jane Yan

Apple’s new $29 Bluetooth beacon undoubtedly drew some inspiration from Tile’s tracker series. However, just because the design of AirTag is similar to existing smart trackers, it does not mean that you cannot find other useful ways to use these small homing tags. In fact, we have thought of more than ten interesting ways to make full use of AirTags.

Apple sells these new smart trackers individually ($29) or a pack of four ($99). If you think you need a bunch of such products, the latter is definitely a better choice because it reduces the cost of a single AirTag to $24.75. Maybe you only need one, but remember-there are at least 18 ways to use Apples' new smart tracker, so you may want to stock up!

To be clear, AirTag is not an iPhone, so it cannot communicate with the Find My application or the network, nor can it communicate alone. Instead, it uses Bluetooth to connect to other devices on the "Find My" network. To obtain the "Find" function, the connected device needs to be within the Bluetooth range of the lost AirTag.

But this is the beauty of AirTag. Unlike AirPods, AirTags don't just communicate with your device. Any iPhone (i.e. iPhone 6 and later) or smart phone that supports NFC can be connected to your AirTag. This means that for AirTag to refresh its location on Find My, it only needs to connect to nearby devices on the Find My network. Think about how many iPhones, iPads, and Macs can do this.

You can even put AirTag in Lost Mode, so if someone finds it, all they have to do is touch and hold AirTag on the top of their smartphone, and wait for a notification to take them to a web page with your phone number and other information information. This applies to iPhone and Android devices, so you can almost get help from the entire smartphone community.

Apple also pays great attention to privacy when doing all this. All communications between your AirTag and stranger products are completely encrypted and anonymous. No location data is stored in AirTag. AirTag's Bluetooth signal identifiers are frequently rotated to prevent unnecessary tracking. Therefore, your safety will not be threatened.

If you are looking for AirTag by yourself, this is similar to the experience of tracking items on "Find", unless you have an iPhone (iPhone 11 and 12 models) equipped with a U1 chip and ultra-wideband technology. These devices support the use of AirTag for precise search; you will actually see an arrow on the iPhone’s display to let you know exactly how far you are from the AirTag and its direction. We think this feature will come in handy in the following situations:

You don't need to lose AirTag to be useful to strangers. AirTag can act as an NFC contact card, sharing your phone number and any other information with anyone interacting with it.

They will tap the top of an NFC-equipped smartphone (iPhone or Android) on the white side of the AirTag, and then hold until a notification appears. Open it and they will be redirected to a web page that displays the information you added. It's not the same as the NFC business contact card that can help import contact details, but it's fun to play.

To set it up, your AirTag must be in Lost Mode. Open the Find My app, click on the "Project" tab, and select the AirTag in question. Under the "Lost Mode" section, click "Enable" and then click "Continue" on the startup page. Enter your phone number, click "Next", and then enter your message, which can include your email, business, etc. Continue to follow the instructions and click "Activate" to turn on Lost Mode.

Spy technology uses dead spots to transfer information between two people without the two people having to meet. One person hides the dead drop of water in a secret location, and another person picks it up. In the digital age, Didi can take the form of an anonymous offline communication server via Wi-Fi, where people can secretly chat locally and even send files to each other.

For AirTag, you can use the same loss mode concept described above to send a secret message to anyone who may know the location of AirTag. Ask your friends to put the AirTag in the same location, and you can scan each other's AirTag to see any message updates added in Lost Mode.

If you or your loved ones are severely allergic to anything, please place an AirTag on your EpiPens. The same is true for any other life-saving medicines you may need to take immediately. If other people need to find medicine for you (and vice versa), they can use your "Find My" app (if they are a member of your family sharing group, they can use their own app) instead of Frantically looking through the house.

If you don't want to go through the process of implanting a microchip for your pet, there is now a much less invasive option to track it: AirTag. Apple’s Bluetooth trackers are the perfect pet companion because they have an IP67 waterproof rating and are small enough to be worn on a cat’s collar, and they are almost invisible on a dog’s collar. AirTag cannot be fixed to the collar, so you need to buy a protective case with a key ring, ring or small carabiner. Some companies, such as FollowPaw, specialize in making pet collars for AirTag.

Like pets, children have their own ideas and can run away at any time. Put your attention elsewhere for half a second, and you will spend half an afternoon looking for your child.

If you want an easy way to track your children, but their age is not enough for a smartphone, please consider pairing them with AirTag. You can ask them to put it in a backpack or pocket, maybe use a key chain or key ring accessory to secure it.

Your child should go home every day, so the built-in anti-tracking function will not be activated because it will only play a sound when AirTag leaves your iPhone for three days and starts to move. However, you should definitely let your children know that they have an AirTag tracker. Just make sure to get a protective cover, because kids tend to spoil things.

Maybe you have listened to too many real crime podcasts and want to feel more secure in your life. You can choose an AirTag for your bag or trouser pocket to keep yourself in the sight of others, regardless of whether they are "family sharing" with you, sharing an Apple ID account, or setting up your AirTag through their device.

When you think you might be in a dangerous situation, another layer of security will never be harmed. Emergency SOS may not be good enough, 911 on Apple Watch can be easily stopped, the custom emergency button in the shortcut may not be available in time, and your iPhone can be turned off to disable tracking. But the attacker or attacker may not even realize that you have an AirTag, and their own Apple device may even help track you.

People with Alzheimer's disease or other forms of dementia may lose the ability to recognize familiar places, so it is not uncommon for them to wander around, get lost, and be confused. There are GPS trackers for people with special needs and dementia, but they are more expensive than AirTag, so why not try AirTag and save money? Just make sure they know they have an AirTag, just like you should do to kids.

AirTag is specially designed to track your items. Like other smart trackers before it, AirTag can help you find things that are easy to misplace every day. But have you considered that AirTag can track everything in your life?

Is there cash to spend? Looking for some high-tech fun? Consider picking up four packs of AirTags and using them as treasure hunt clues. Your contestants can use their iPhones—especially iPhones with U1 chips—to judge whether they feel warmer to AirTag, and then the next clue. This may be the most suitable for the first clue in a treasure hunt, as the player may be confused when seeing multiple AirTags on the map.

The "Find" application supports various accessibility settings built into the iPhone. These include VoiceOver, inverted colors, larger text, and compatibility with braille displays. VoiceOver may be the best auxiliary function to use with AirTag, because the iPhone (with U1 chip) can give aloud step-by-step instructions through Precision Find. It provides voice instructions for blind or low-vision users, such as "AirTag is 5 in your A few feet away on the right." For people with visual impairments, this is definitely a faster way to find objects.

The waterproof rating of AirTag reaches IP67. This does not mean that it is waterproof, but it does give you some leeway when encountering liquids, because the AirTag should continue to work at a depth of up to one meter (about three feet) for up to 30 minutes.

In view of this, please consider attaching AirTag to any items you are worried about losing in the water. If you are going boating, swimming, or doing any other activities that may cause your wallet, backpack, or other items to fall into shallow water, AirTag may help you retrieve it. You need an iPhone with a U1 chip, because ultra-wideband technology is better than Bluetooth at penetrating water.

If the airline cannot find your baggage on its own, maybe it can find it through the AirTag that beeps inside. Of course, please make your own decision to use this prompt, because some airlines may not be too friendly to ask for chirps in the baggage area. In other words, this is not the only time AirTag can help you carry your luggage at the airport...

Looking at your luggage endlessly on the airport carousel, wondering that the bag that looks like yours is really yours. This is a common struggle (spoiler: it may not be).

Before handing the AirTag to the airline, pop up an AirTag in your bag to stop waiting and guessing. When it’s time to pick up your luggage, you can use an iPhone equipped with U1 and Precision Find to know exactly when your luggage enters the area from behind.

No longer need to flip the sofa cushions or hide under the bed looking for lost plush toys, racing cars or safety blankets. If you can find a way to attach AirTag to your child's favorite but always lost toy, then you should. Of course, make sure it is hidden and cannot be removed by children. Depending on their age, AirTags may pose a choking hazard, but they cannot even touch the AirTag sewn into a teddy bear or wooby.

If you take your bicycle out of town, you may use a lock or chain to ensure its safety. In other words, if a lock or chain can stop all bicycle thefts, we won't be here, right?

To add a little extra safety to your bike when unattended, hide the AirTag in an inconspicuous place. This way, if it is stolen, all you need to do is track the AirTag to find your bike-with or without a thief. Moment's AirTag holder has adhesive backing and can be installed on flat and curved surfaces, so you can hide one under the heat or even on one of the poles.

If you are worried about seeing AirTag, some bicycles even have built-in tracking technology that can be used with the Find My network.

Like bicycles, AirTag is very suitable as a cheap anti-theft device for cars or trucks. You can sneak AirTag into the car in many places so that unsuspecting thieves will never notice. The glove box, under the seat, the center console, the spare tire in the trunk, whatever you say. They think they have just escaped the perfect crime, but they hardly know that you can track their every move.

Of course, you can buy GPS trackers specifically for vehicles, but they are expensive and usually require a subscription for monitoring.

You don’t need the thief in the picture to make your vehicle go missing. You are fully capable of misplaced cars or trucks alone, thank you very much.

To avoid parking in Seinfeld, just entrust your location to the hidden AirTag! An iPhone equipped with U1 is equipped with a precise search function that will take you back to the car, so you no longer need to worry about remembering the garage floor number, remembering the name of the intersection, or trying to display "show parking location" on Apple Maps.

The batteries in the AirTag can last for about a full year, but once they are dead, you don’t need to buy a new AirTag. The AirTag battery is user-replaceable and runs on CR2032 button batteries, which is a very non-Apple initiative.

The CR2032 battery is essentially a coin cell AA battery. They are available in every grocery store and convenience store, but most of the products in your life probably don't bring them, except of course, your old Apple Remote. With AirTags, you finally have a reason to do so.

This is not a practical use anyway, but it is definitely something you can do with AirTag: show off how much you have to spend. If you are a true dancer, don't get the standard $35 leather keychain like ordinary people. Instead, put down the cash and get a status symbol from Hermés, it has the same purpose, but the price is ten times higher!

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