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2021-12-16 07:45:54 By : Mr. KEN Deng

Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly met with the media on Monday to preview the Stanford University game and answer questions. The following are the highlights of his press conference.

"From (Jack) Kiser's point of view, this is not a high ankle sprain. I think the deltoid muscle is somewhere else, but I guess it is also in the ankle. Someone explained to me that this is not a high ankle, in a sense He should be happy to leave. The next few days will be work. That may be the biggest one. (JD) Bertrand has a clean X-ray on his back. We seem to be in good condition there. . Those are really the key injuries on Sunday."

About Karen Williams' improvements

"Well, I think he is ready and turned it into an incredible performance mentality. He has always been a very good practice player and he brings it every day, but now he brings the same demeanor , Focus and energy. We have always heard of great players, in terms of how they affect others, he now has an impact on the entire offense. 

"He didn't last year. He is one person, one of 11 people, and now he affects others because of the way he attacked the game. Obviously, what I want to say is a complement to the passing game. He is a man who can catch the ball. Crossing the middle and coming out of the backcourt, he can be in the wide receiver position. We knew his blocking ability last year. He added this to the passing game. This is a complete player, and that also adds a pair of running The patience of the game."

During Kane Madden’s games in the past few weeks

"I would say it might be more comfortable here. You don't have to live up to any of his own expectations, just go out and play football. In the past six or seven weeks, he has been very efficient and really stable. Maybe it's a rare one. His performance, as an all-American performance, I want to do too much, but in the past month and a half, he has been really stable for us."

Bo Bower played so well

"Defense, we mentioned this earlier this season, I might have underestimated it a bit, but defense really suits him. In this defensive structure, he has more freedom, which allows him to move. As you can see, he was part of a lot of our passing sprints and forced a lot of things to happen. Then he had to participate in it. You saw some of the very good performances he played on the court. "I just think the system itself and the horse The way Kus uses him is very clever, and we make full use of a veteran player who really plays to his advantage. "

Help with Jordan Botelho as a linebacker

"He has been playing for us as a homeless position. He is learning this position. So, we will not ask you to do a lot of things. You can see that we have activated him a lot. I don't know we are asking him to be in his profession. Served as a catcher at this stage of his career, but he is a well-coordinated person. As you know, when we can play against big-name players, we started the process with his game against Wisconsin. This may be His other role this week, Stanford, decided to enter a larger package. From this perspective, he can also see more areas. He is very suitable for this role because he can do a lot for us flexibility."

Regarding whether he started talking about his return with senior players who are eligible for another year

"I think we have done due diligence on everyone I think is in the plan. We feel good. I think we will have quite a few people coming back and some are still making decisions, but I think we are very clear about our What the list will look like. But transparency comes first. I think our players know clearly what kind of football team we will return next year, and many of them want to be part of it. Some people, maybe, This is also a difficult road for them. But you have to be honest and have a one-on-one conversation."

Talk to Isaiah Foskey about staying for another year

"We have already started this process. It started about a month ago and I have already met with my family. We didn't have to wait long, just waited with Ronnie."

A performance by Audric Estime

"Logan (Diggs) was a little bit ahead of him in the rotation, maybe it wasn't any mistake, just like Logan looked great, when he got the opportunity, he moved in that direction. But Odrick obviously did too. Huge talent. You can see that even with the ball he bounced outside, he showed speed on the perimeter. This is one of the things I think he has grown a lot in mastering the nuances of position. He is more than just one You can hit it inside, but when he needs it, this is what he has to do. I think sometimes I want to show it and do a little too much. I think he understands now, and he will hit it inside. When he needs it. I think this is growth."

About this year's Myron Tagovailoa-Amosa competition

"From being the SWAT captain in the summer to being appointed as the captain, it’s really interesting to watch him grow. It’s just his leadership. Myron is very quiet, has been very quiet, and knows that he needs to start to be more outspoken when you choose When Myron, he started to express his ideas and what he wanted. This is an incredible influence. He stood up and spoke to the team several times, which had a huge impact on our football team. So, yes Yes, in terms of his growth and leadership, this is huge. He has been inspiring because he has to deal with it personally, in the loss. Very precious, I want to say in our locker room that he intends to do all this Defend in its growth."

Which assistant coach is most grateful for this year

"I won't answer that question. Listen, once I answer, he will get a raise. Oh my god. You're kidding. Okay. What I am most grateful for is, let's see, in terms of assistant Among coaches, I have a lot of assistant coaches. You know. You only know 10 coaches. My God, I want to say, of all the daily coaches, the one that may make my life the easiest is that I want to be with Brian Polian went with him. He made my life the easiest because of the special team. It was too difficult. It was a tough job. It was a lot of work. There were a lot of little things every day."-Tianji followed Come. You have to bring the entire team, O-linemen, D-lineman DBs, linebackers, this is a lot of work. "

About the players having so many conversations with their opponents on the field

"We have discussed what we think is sportsmanship and what is out of bounds. If this is the right joke, within the competitive spirit of the game, for example,'Hey, great blow, great game, take it.' When When it crosses the line and becomes an individual, we pull them down. This is not what we want. But we don’t mind sincere and passionate jokes and play between our guys, just do it in the right way. You have to be in the right area to do this. If you lose control, we will pull you out. But our people have matured and dealt with themselves in the right way...Personality, as I mentioned Yes, Karen is part of it. No doubt. We have some other people who will surprise you. They don’t fit that model. If you look closely, you will know who they are. I don’t need to be here. Point them all out at one point. But we have some people, because they are mature enough and they handle themselves the right way, we don’t need to throw the hand warmer into the front row after extra points and get a 15-yard free throw, but Other than that, we did a great job."

About Jay Bramblett's status next year

"We have had that conversation. I don't know if we are ready to talk about it publicly. But he has already made a decision. I think we will make most of the decisions based on where people are going. Once the season is over, next week or so. You will find yourself here."

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