Knitting learners provide help to dementia patients in the county-Redditch Standards

2021-12-16 07:46:23 By : Mr. Paul Guan

WORCESTERSHIRE Acute Hospitals NHS Trust will receive an additional Christmas gift this year-a knitted hand warmer for patients with dementia throughout the county.

Patients with advanced dementia can find irritating gloves in the hospital.

Some adult learners in the county have been learning knitting through the "charity knitting" course.

They decided to pass on their creations to the Dementia Patients Trust at Worcestershire Royal Infirmary and Alexandra Hospital in Redditch, and they were very grateful.

This course teaches learners how to make rotating gloves, which are colorful knitted or crocheted belts with beads, buttons, bells and other objects attached to them to provide sensory stimulation.

They help keep disturbed hands busy, soothe and comfort those who are anxious or excited.

Donna Kruckow, the trust's head nurse for elderly nurses, said: "We have been successfully using twiddle muffs for some time and we have always been grateful for the extra supplies.

"Our dementia patients can keep the handcuffs they received in the hospital for continued treatment benefits, so this additional supply will allow us to continue to distribute them to all patients who can use them."

Charity knitting courses are held online in summer, suitable for those who are new to knitting and have more experience.

Hannah Sargison, a senior chartered physiotherapist at the Worcestershire Acute Hospital NHS Trust Fund, said: "Our patients really benefit from using these gloves. They have a smile on their faces and they are very popular, so they receive more​​​ Multiple gloves are always great."

Member of the Council of Economy and Skills of Worcester County Council, Councillor Marc Bayliss said: "It is great to see that the Knitting Charity Course can create such an important thing and give the gloves made to those who will truly appreciate it. They are great. ."

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