Humboldt County group helps the homeless during a week of inclement weather-the standard of the times

2021-12-16 07:45:31 By : Ms. Isabella Yang

The storm hit Humboldt County this week, and the temperature dropped to more than 30 degrees with the wind and rain. Local organizations are helping the homeless through this week.

The shelter has been accommodating more people all night to prevent them from being affected by weather conditions, and the organization has been distributing rain gear.

Brian Hall, the head of the Eureka rescue mission, said that on Tuesday night, the male shelter of the Eureka rescue mission can accommodate 84 people and there is room for more people who need it. On Tuesday night, the capacity of the women's and children's shelter was larger, with about 40 people living there.

"We have enough space to maintain social distancing and all these good things; we are taking care of people," Hall said. "We have been doing the same thing for many years since 1967."

The rescue mission recently received rain gear boxes provided by Sean Swanson, the founder of the Fortuna River Life Foundation, and the mission is using these rain gear to prepare people for winter weather.

The mission is also in fundraising activities to renovate the women’s shelter and double its capacity, but in general, the bill will increase during the winter months and the mission needs donations. The rescue mission is also looking for small camping mats that people can use to sleep.

"Bills go up at this time of the year," Hall said. "I don't care whether it's $5 or $10 in any form of donation. It doesn't matter, everything will add up."

Donations can be made at the rescue mission website or at their shelter at 100 Second Street, Eureka. Those who need to escape the heat can also consult the men's shelter for open beds.

The night shelter at the Betty Kwan Chinn Foundation allows people to enjoy hot meals, shower, sleep in a safe place and have breakfast the next morning. People who want to find a place in the night refuge can check in at the Foundation Day Center at 133 Seventh Street, Eureka, before 3pm.

Betty Chinn said that although it is important to keep people away from the natural environment, the physical discomfort caused by winter weather can also exacerbate psychological harm.

"The cold, humidity and wind make them more and more unstable, and some people have problems with their mental health, which makes them more panic," Chinen said.

The foundation needs more blankets and sleeping bags, and people can donate these items at the day center.

Affordable Homeless Housing Alternatives has also been distributing rain gear and food.

"We have been distributing blankets and warm weather gear through street outreach services, and providing food and hand warmers and all these things. We have also been distributing wet weather gear," said Nezzie Wade, president of AHHA. "They burn a lot of calories, they just need a lot of support from food and protein, and so on."

However, the supply of AHHA's men's pants and additional wet weather equipment (including sleeping bags) is insufficient. Those who want to donate such items can contact the AHHA office at 707-298-1466 for more information.

On the afternoon of December 21, a commemorative event will be held at the Larsen Park Pavilion in Arcata to commemorate all the homeless people lost in Humboldt County this year. Wade said the number of these people is about 50 years old, but it may Underestimated.

Wade said: "Provide people with a place to warm, get some food and clothing, and be able to support all those who stay there. It is very important to bring people together because these are the members of their community who have also lost."

Jackson Guilfoil's contact number is 707-441-0506.

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