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We have noticed that there has been increasing interest in air purifiers recently, which may be due to recent events such as the wildfires on the west coast or the continued response to Covid-19. To this end, we shared some of the best air purifiers shipped within a few days. With the coming winter and continued home normalcy, air quality may be the most important anyway. Since Dyson is a British company known for vacuum cleaners, futuristic hair dryers and cordless flat irons-not to mention its keen eye for design-so popular among readers, we collected the brand's most acclaimed air Purifiers, to provide you with ideas for a large number of products they manufacture specifically to purify the air. You can find Dyson products from Best Buy, Amazon, Home Depot, Lowe's, and of course products directly from Dyson.

At present, Dyson offers four types of air purifiers, each of which has a sports air purification function and an adjacent humidification or cooling function:

You have a traditional air purifier, which can trap gases, particles and bacteria in the air.

A humidified air purifier combines the cleaning power of an air purifier with the benefits of a humidifier on the skin and allergens.

Heating and cooling air purifiers are seasonless because, as the name suggests, they can keep you warm in winter and help you (and your dog and cat) keep cool in summer.

The clean bench fan is portable and compact, and can be placed on the desk or hidden in the corner of the room.

To help you find the Dyson air purifier that best suits your needs and budget, we have compiled a quick guide on the brand's current top air purifier series.

As we outlined in our guide to the best cooling fans in 2020, tower fans or floor fans are tall, narrow, and portable devices. Dyson Pure Cool TP01 weighs less than 8 pounds and helps to circulate purified cool air in an 800 square foot space. According to the brand, like other Dyson models, the TP01 uses HEPA filters to help capture 99.7% of bacteria, allergens, pollutants and gases. There is a second carbon filter to help eliminate unpleasant household smells such as paint smells. It also has 10 airflow speeds, a sleep timer, 70-degree swing, and automatic shutdown, in case you are a little clumsy and accidentally tip over your 2-in-1 purifier.

Dyson Pure Cool TP04 is an Energy Star certified air purifier. It uses HEPA activated carbon filters to help purify your room and provide cooling functions. Of course, you can use TP04 alone to purify your home by activating the backward airflow, and the brand description will not make you feel cool. It also supports Alexa, which means you can use Alexa technology to control your device hands-free. In addition, it is connected to Wi-Fi and can report your indoor air quality in real time. Dyson said its air multiplier technology allows the device to circulate 77 gallons of purified air per second to help cool your room faster. Dyson Pure Cool TP04 is available in five colors, including nickel and iron/blue.

Cryptomic TP06 is Dyson's top two-in-one air purifier, its cooling fan can rotate 350 degrees. Unlike the TP04 and TP01 Pure Cool models, TP06 uses Dyson Cryptomic technology, which the brand claims will "capture particles and continue to destroy the formaldehyde released from household products." According to the CDC, formaldehyde is a strong-smelling gas that can be found in homes with smokers and new products or construction projects. This ENERGY STAR certified air purifier also uses the brand's 360° glass HEPA filter to help purify your home. Similar to the other two Pure Cool purifiers, TP06 has Wi-Fi and Alexa compatibility and can be used with Dyson smartphone apps.

Dyson’s most expensive air purifier costs less than US$900 because it combines air purification with humidifiers, cooling fans, and Cryptomic technology. Dyson claims that its proprietary technology will help eliminate formaldehyde and does not require replacement. In addition, PH02 can automatically detect gases and bacteria in the air, and uses a fully sealed HEPA filter system to process up to 99.97% of allergens. You can choose from four modes-sleep, backward airflow, fan and breeze-and up to 36 hours of continuous humidification. You can clean the device deeply with the push of a button to help remove any minerals and bacteria buildup. Like other Dyson models, you can use Amazon Alexa, Siri and Dyson mobile apps to control your PH02. For less than $100, you can order Dyson Pure Humidification + Cool PH01, which abandoned the Cryptomic technology but still has all the other features in PH02.

If you live in a place suitable for all seasons, please consider ordering Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Cryptomic HP06. This machine allows you to cool your space in warm weather, triggering night and backward airflow patterns and swings up to 350 degrees. When the temperature starts to drop, you can evenly heat your area by pressing the button on your device and the Dyson smartphone app, or by commanding Amazon's Alexa or Siri. It has a maximum airflow of 79 gallons per second and 10 speed settings. The HEPA air purifier uses the brand's Cryptomitc technology. However, you can also choose Dyson Pure Hot + Cool HP04, which has all the same functions as HP06, but without Cryptomitc technology.

Combines the relatively compact size of the desktop air purifier with the heating, cooling and purification capabilities of HP06 and HP04. Of course, considering the smaller size-25 inches in total height and 8.6 pounds in weight-Dyson Pure Hot + Cool HP01 is not as powerful as the two previously mentioned models. Although it is a HEPA air purifier, it has a maximum airflow of 53 gallons per second, no automatic and backward airflow modes, no air quality report, and no Alexa or Dyson app compatibility. However, it does allow an oscillation range of 70 degrees, which can help you stay cool or warm.

Dyson Pure Cool Me BP01 is designed with precise air jets for personal cooling and a 70-degree oscillation range with 10 different speeds. According to Dyson, it uses carbon and glass HEPA filters to remove 99.97% of pollutants and allergens. Turn on sleep mode that lasts 15 minutes to 9 hours to help purify the air while capturing some Z. In addition, there is an automatic reminder to let you know when to replace the filter. This model is available in two colors: white/fuchsia and white.

Dyson Pure Cool DP04 has Amazon Alexa compatibility, can be controlled using the Dyson Link app on your smartphone, and can help cool your room. The HEPA filter system helps control allergens, bacteria, gases and pollutants. There is also an LCD screen that can display real-time reports of pollution, which is especially helpful for people dealing with all kinds of air pollutants, from smokers on sidewalks to wildfires. Similar to Dyson Pure Cool Me BP01, DP04 has 10 speed settings and two colors to choose from: black/nickel and white/silver.

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