David's angel seeks more donations to keep the homeless in Missoula warm

2021-12-16 07:27:32 By : Ms. Shirley Qian

Missoula-A local group said they can use more blankets, hand warmers and other equipment donations to provide warmth to the homeless in Missoula. David's Angels looks forward to restarting its face-to-face distribution day in January.

It has been almost two years since David's Angels volunteers were able to hold a large, one-day distribution of clothing and other items to help the homeless and migrants in Missoula. In fact, this last charity took place a few weeks before the pandemic lockdown began.

But organizer Judy Sass said the organization is busier than ever.

Sass not only sees more homeless people, but also believes that efforts to close some homeless camps have made finding and helping individuals more difficult.

"There is a movement, a big movement, that may be able to meet the needs of a large group of people. But if you only have one or two people, where would you go? You know. So we have been cooperating a lot with individuals."

David's Angels will give their annual lecture at the First United Methodist Church in downtown Missoula on January 21.

"We have a place to take away children's clothing that we can't use. But in our handouts, we have more and more children every time," Sass told MTN News.

Sass says the best way you can help now is to donate them warm clothing and other items to keep the homeless in comfort in the coming weeks.

"What we can really use is the hand warmers. We have a place to put them in Florence Ace. If one does not want to go shopping, we now happen to have an online fundraising event. And any funds will be used for gloves and hand warmers. And blankets."

Anyone who is willing to help can contact Judy at 406-550-1021 or ask to join the David Angels group on Facebook. For Sass, it was a special winter, marking the ten years of her son's death and remembering him through volunteer service. And she always opens her arms to others.

"But I now have a core team that can do anything for me, and I will do anything for them. This is just a way to really understand people. Understand their values. Know if they are worthy of being friends. There are some great things out there. Great person."