50 cheap and ingenious gifts for those who have everything (according to those who feel they have everything)

2021-12-16 07:26:03 By : Ms. Sucy Sha

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It's really hard to shop for people who seem to have everything. On the one hand, you know that it is impolite to show up without a gift. But on the other hand, you really can't imagine what they need-they seem content with everything they already have.

This dilemma is much more common than you think. Fortunately, there are many cheap and smart gifts for those who are really hard to buy. There are many innovative products, and some people on your list may not even know that they really need these products.

Some of the smartest gifts are very interesting. For example, someone might not buy a bonsai tree kit for themselves, but they would love to get one. This is a good gift, they can be placed on the desk in the office or at home, it will lift their spirits.

Need some ideas? Think about things that your recipient might like, or things that can help them improve their craft or hobbies. Even small upgrades or add-ons to products they already like will definitely be welcomed. Are there any runners in the house? Then, they may use portable chargers a lot, which also helps to ensure their safety in an emergency.

Here are some other clever and cheap discoveries, suitable for those who always find it difficult to shop.

Thanks to these handheld mini hand warmers, you can warm your hands almost instantly. In just two minutes, the temperature of this rechargeable hand warmer will exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Heat radiates from both sides of the device, which provides the best warmth no matter how you hold it.

People who like plants, get their hands dirty, and plant things will enjoy the opportunity to grow bonsai trees at home using this starter tree kit. This all-encompassing bonsai kit provides you with everything you need to start gardening. It comes with seeds, flower pots, plant markings, fertilizers and instructions. You will soon admire a beautiful bonsai tree.

When you install this motion-controlled toilet light on the toilet, it is easiest to go to the bathroom in the dark. In addition to increasing safety at night, different color lighting options can also make it more fun for everyone to go to the toilet. From the moment the last movement is detected, the light also has a two-minute timer to help save energy.

This electric hand-held can opener is very efficient in opening any can, especially when compared to older models. Its ergonomic shape fits your palm easily. Align the corkscrew with the top of the jar, press the button, and watch the blade automatically and smoothly cut the aluminum cap within a few seconds. This is also a good gift for people who lack grip.

Attach the legs of this non-slip crab spoon holder to the side of any pot or pan to keep the countertop clean while cooking. Made of food-safe and heat-resistant silicone, you don’t have to worry about this beautiful crab melting or warping due to harsh environments. Whenever it needs to be cleaned quickly, just throw it in the dishwasher and it will be ready for your next cooking journey.

Activate this non-contact soap dispenser by reaching under the nozzle, and then drop a dime-sized soap into your palm. This device helps prevent excess water from overflowing on the counter around the sink. It can hold up to 400 ml of liquid soap of any brand or fragrance you like, and it is also suitable for public places and your home.

This travel cosmetic bag is very suitable for use as a carry-on bag, but it also works well when used alone. Made of high-quality lightweight waterproof material, accidental spills will stay inside, preventing cosmetics from getting on irrelevant items. The inner lid of the bag contains slots for holding brushes. You can choose one of four colors to buy this bag.

Use this handheld milk frother to make coffee shop-style foam at home, rich and smooth. Before you start to become your own home barista, it only requires two AA batteries. If you use dairy substitutes in your coffee, this milk frother can also be used with other things such as almond, soy and oat milk. If it happens to be the beverage of your choice, you can also use it to mix and blend matcha powder.

When you wrap yourself in this flour tortilla blanket, transform yourself into a giant burrito in real life. This novel blanket is a fun way to stay warm while watching a movie on the sofa. It comes in three different sizes and can accommodate children, teenagers and adults. Don't like tortillas? There are other options, such as waffles and pizzas. If you are a true gourmet, you may need to bring them all.

Any Star Wars fan will use these lightsaber chopsticks to turn eating into an adventure. Each set comes with a blue and red pair. They are made of BPA-free plastic and are easy to clean afterwards. More than 7,000 people gave these chopsticks a 4.5-star rating, enjoying the fun of pairing with noodles, sushi, etc.

This lightweight and compact cordless power bank makes it very convenient for you to charge your smartphone when you are out. It can not only charge your smartphone, but also wireless earbuds and tablets. The charger is not larger than a typical lipstick tube, so it can be easily stored in a wallet or pocket and carried with you.

Use this portable facial mist sprayer to keep your face hydrated during the journey. No battery is needed because you can easily charge the device with a USB cable. Fill the small tank with water, toner, or other cleaning products. These products can moisturize and rejuvenate your skin after a workout session or a long day of work.

Use this family foot pedicure spa to give your sore and tired feet a good rest and enjoy some well-deserved spa-style treatments. Say goodbye to calluses, dry and flaky skin patches, and rough areas on the soles of your feet after one use. If you need some extra relaxation while soaking your feet, turn on the vibration mode. Between vibrations, jets, bubbles and warm water, it is difficult for your feet to leave.

Using this plastic soap dispenser, you can easily sprinkle soap on the sponge. When you press the top of the container, the liquid detergent will spray upward through the tube and foam on your sponge. The transparent plastic case can hold 13 ounces of detergent, making it easy to see when you need to refill it. After washing the dishes, you can put the sponge on it.

This aluminum-plated wireless charger is one of the thinnest charging stations on the market. It is only 5 mm thick and can be placed almost wherever you need it. The built-in LED lights around the edge indicate the current status of the device, so you can know when the device is fully charged. It also has built-in technology, so you don't have to worry about the device overheating. With 12 different colors, everyone in your home can easily have their own colors.

When your skin feels that it needs refreshing, these little ice balls are the perfect solution to refresh your face. Their size is perfect to fit under your eyes and help relieve any puffiness or eye bags caused by allergies or poor night sleep. The spherical tip moves smoothly across your entire face, providing a pleasant cooling effect.

This pack of rejuvenating collagen under the eye mask comes with 30 sets in the container. These small patches are formulated with snail mucus, peptides, collagen and 24k gold to provide powerful effects on the under-eye area. They are very suitable for use in allergies or when you can't sleep, but they can be used whenever you need to be refreshed.

Using this adjustable phone holder, you can adjust the angle of the phone according to your needs. The stand is universally compatible and is suitable for most brands and series of smartphones. It is small and light, so it can be easily moved and placed wherever you need it, such as a desk or kitchen counter.

With this desktop vacuum cleaner, it is easier to keep the desk surface clean and tidy. This small vacuum cleaner is powered by two AA batteries and can be used uninterrupted for up to two and a half hours. If necessary, it can rotate a full 360 degrees, allowing you to reach areas that are usually difficult to clean.

Use this hard box toolkit to keep track of all your tools in one place. The kit contains various tools to make it easier to become a homeowner. It is a wise investment to have a set of tools with all the basic knowledge, such as hammers, screwdrivers, pliers and tape measures. Small home improvement projects are like laundry rooms-never ending. So, at least you can prepare this kit.

This large multi-layer rolling trolley is an excellent storage choice for your office, kitchen, bathroom or craft room. This multifunctional trolley is designed with three storage boxes, which is versatile and can store any items you need. It measures 16 x 13 x 34 inches, which is large enough to organize and accommodate various items, but small enough to not take up too much floor space. You can use it to store anything, from plants to art supplies. It has four different colors.

This small waste paper basket is a great choice for placing on the top of a countertop or tabletop for easy disposal. It is equipped with a lid to prevent the smell and sight of garbage, while also isolating fruit flies. Use this as a great way to dispose of food waste during meal preparation. This can also be pink and blue.

Cosmetics come in various shapes and sizes, but now using this rotating cosmetic storage box can actually store them all in one place. Depending on the product you have, there are seven different height options to set the divider to make sure everything fits. With the rotating base, you can also find what you need quickly and easily.

This LED touch desk lamp has built-in functions and can also be used as a wireless charger for mobile devices. The bottom of the light is where you set up your smartphone or other devices to charge. The lamp has five lighting modes with 10 levels of brightness. You can also move the lamp arm to find the perfect angle.

Using this rose gold metal storage bag, you can easily grab or put away office supplies as needed. It is made of extremely durable cast iron, so you can expect decades of use. This storage box has smaller and smaller storage compartments, allowing you to choose where and how to store the most necessary supplies. If rose gold is not for you, you will be happy to know that this storage box is also available in gold, black and white.

If you or your relatives are in a "busy" state and don't have time to enjoy freshly hot coffee, this ceramic vacuum flask will change the rules of the game. Now, for the first time, a sip in the afternoon will actually be hot, not an unpleasant surprise. The color warmer comes in a variety of colors, which can reasonably improve your day.

With this cold mist humidifier, the dry air in your home will no longer be a problem. With more than 28,000 very popular ratings, you know that this humidifier fulfills its requirements. You can adjust the atomization direction of the humidifier through the rotating nozzle on the top. Moreover, since the machine will automatically shut down to ensure safety, there is no need to track when the water will run out.

This hand-held garment steamer will make you never want to pick up a traditional iron again. Before use, remove the base to fill it with water. After turning on the steam engine, the water will automatically heat up, and after a while, you can start working. There are two steaming modes to ensure that it can work effectively on all fabrics.

You will love the way this luminous makeup mirror illuminates your face when you use it. The tri-fold panel provides different mirrors with different magnifications, allowing you to observe your face as you like. These lights can work with 4 AAA batteries, or you can plug the mirror into a USB cable to charge it.

This rotating tray jewelry box has four different levels, which adds extra storage space than other jewelry storage boxes. Some compartments are divided into smaller sections, while others provide open space. Each individual tray can be rotated in or out to allow you to enter. This jewelry box measures 4.2 x 4.9 x 4.5 inches, which is a practical and space-saving storage box.

Using this makeup brush cleaner will make you truly enjoy the process of cleaning the brush regularly. This cleaning device has a dual function, not only cleaning your makeup brushes, but also drying them. This way, you can ensure that your brush is fresh and ready to use every time. This is a must for people who take makeup seriously.

This ceramic essential oil diffuser is an upgraded version of the plastic diffuser. The ceramic countertop is engraved with patterns, and it has also become a beautiful home decoration. The base holds a total of 100 milliliters of water, providing you with hours of wonderful aromatic air, creating a relaxing and calm essence. This diffuser has three different designs.

This hands-free toothpaste dispenser can squeeze the toothpaste out of the tube for you. One of the best features of this toothpaste dispenser is that it does not waste any product because it is designed to squeeze out the last drop of every drop. This product works perfectly without batteries or electricity. Just push the toothbrush towards the lever and watch the toothpaste fall on the bristles.

Connect this string of LED backlights to your TV and you can instantly upgrade your entertainment. These lights come with a remote control that allows you to control how they work. Change the color and brightness of the lights, and even make them rotate in interesting ways. Use the adhesive backing on the lamps to place them on any surface where you want to use the backlight.

This motion sensor outdoor camera can record what's happening in the screen in full color even at night to get the best view. It provides 24/7 continuous recording, and you can check your camera at any time through the app on your phone. This is a very suitable camera for family safety and bird watching.

This cold brewing pitcher is capable of producing 34 ounces of delicious self-refrigerated brew. If you are the kind of person who stops by the store to buy coffee on the way to work, this coffee machine is bound to save a lot of time and money. The machine also has an airtight seal, which means you can avoid accidental spills.

The storage container in front of this LED desk lamp is perfect for storing pencils, pens, paper clips, etc. However, the lamp itself is worth the entire purchase. With a 360° flexible neck, you can shine wherever you need it.

Enjoy endless comfort in this oversized blanket sweatshirt. Available in two sizes, made of shrink-resistant Sherpa fabric, this warm and light piece will become a favorite for people to snuggle and watch TV. This is also a good choice for those who want to stay warm during outdoor camping adventures.

With the help of this computer laptop desk, you can now easily work in places other than your daily desk. The surface even includes its own mouse pad, this setting will give your laptop plenty of room for ventilation. The laptop desk itself is a wise choice, but it presents a small conundrum-which of the six amazing colors would you choose?

When you use a shredder with 13 blade options, cutting vegetables quickly has never been easier. It can be sliced, shredded, diced and grated, making it a very efficient sous chef. Eating and enjoying vegetables has never been easier.

Protect the top of the counter with this silicone heat-resistant mat. This 11 x 7.5 inch silicone pad can hold multiple thermal tools at once, making it ideal for those who rely on thermal stylers to feel themselves every morning. But this is not just for hair care. Craftsmen can also use this as a temporary rest place for the hot glue machine.

From now on, this wild boar bristle brush will be your only brush for combing your hair. The company believes that with continued use, your hair will begin to look healthier than it is now. This brush is especially popular with hair extensions, natural hair and fine hair. Many happy Amazon reviewers compare the quality to the more expensive Mason Pearson brushes.

Using this ceramic deep curler to create loose, messy beach waves is not almost entirely effortless. This styler uses bold colors to help you distinguish it from other popular tools. If you are a bit forgetful, you will love the fact that it has an automatic switch to help you get rid of any inevitable "Did I turn off my styler?". panic. In addition, its dual voltage makes it popular all over the world.

This reflux incense burner creates a visual experience while filling the air with a relaxing aroma. At any time of the day, you or your loved ones can enjoy the scents of jasmine, lavender, and roses to make you feel more at ease. For those who wish to add meditation to their daily self-care, this will be the perfect complement to further help you find Zen.

This soft LED kitten night light is a super cute light, suitable for any room, whether it is a child or an adult who loves cats. Can be controlled by a faucet or a remote control, this cat will help you prepare for the transition to the bed. It is made of BPA-free washable silicone and is a great gift for new mothers who may need to get up early to breastfeed or check on their newborns.

This large laptop carrying bag has enough space to easily carry your computer and some other items, freeing your hands. It is very suitable for business or school use, and because it is waterproof, it can withstand any weather conditions. This bag has nine compartments and eight incredible colors.

Use this weekend travel duffel bag to make travel packing a breeze. It is great for travel, but can also be used as your preferred yoga bag or hospital bag. With many pockets and adjustable shoulder straps, this bag may be used a lot. It has 12 eye-catching designs.

This retro bluetooth speaker is available in blue and green colors, allowing you to listen to your favorite music. Its built-in battery can provide up to 9 hours of playback time, and even has a bass boost function to make your favorite music sound more beautiful. "The sound quality is incredible for such a small radio," wrote an Amazon reviewer who admitted to buying three for different rooms.

Having a pill organizer is a smart way to better track your health. You may not realize this, but some pill boxes are very cute, such as LazyMe Weekly Pill Box, which has a citrus shape. (In fact, it can also remind you of your vitamin C intake.) If you need to take medications on the go, each one is small enough to be placed in your pocket carefully.

Personalized gifts are always a victory, because the recipient will know that they are from the heart. This beautiful necklace from Mignon and Mignon adopts the concept of genealogy and is a great way to show someone what makes them special. Necklaces can be gold-plated, silver-plated or rose gold-plated-this is just one of the many customizations you can make. "Bought these for my mother-in-law and grandmother for Christmas," said an Amazon reviewer. "I made the birthstone for their grandchildren. Both of them cried."